Installing 64 bit OS inside 32 bit OS using Virtual BOX

One day i was trying to install Ubuntu 64-bit inside my windows XP 32-bit in virtual box but i found that with normal settings it was not getting install . I searched for the solution but i could not get proper solution at one place. So i thought to make one post about this.That is in front of you --->
Few Steps you need to follow -->

Notice: This settings and images are from LENOVO SL400 having intel core2 duo processor. Your settings may slightly differ from this. 

  • Does your processor supports 64-bit hardware virtualization or not, for that see your processor documentation. (see ).
  • If it supports then go in bios setting and enable it by using following steps(Lenovo SL 400, it may vary in others):
      • Restart your PC, open bios setting by pressing F1 or F2.
      • Go to Security->Prevention execution -> disable.
      • Next go to CPU -> Intel(R) Virtualization Tech  -> enable.
      • Again go to Security -> Prevention execution -> enable .
      • Now restart your system and open Virtual box, look on the bottom if it's showing amd-v and vt-x is enabled then it's done if not then keep your system turned off for few minutes then restart it.
  • Now install your operating system in virtual box by selecting a 64-bit operating system for the particular VM.
 Few images to help you ->
Image 1: Check AMD-v & VT-x Settings.

Image 2: Select Proper version of OS(64 bit) ->

Image 3: Check that have you enabled your VT-x/ AMD-V or not??

Now follow the simple steps to install your virtual OS and enjoy it..

Installing IDM in UBUNTU using WINE

I searched a lot for a download manager for Linux and also found many but no one could compete with IDM , especially with the speed and parallel downloading of a file. So for running IDM in Ubuntu i installed wine and inside that installed a newer version of IDM but it was not running and after searching, i found that it's a bug of wine for newer versions of IDM so i downloaded an old version of IDM and installed it and now it's working fine. How to do :

  • Install wine using command : sudo apt-get install wine
  • now download some old version of IDM(below 5.18) and open it with wine windows program loader
 now follow the general instructions and install it.

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